InMotion Dance Team

Move and groove with InMotion Temple’s InMotion dance team was started in 2007 as an outlet for girls to continue dancing when they came to Temple. Membership to InMotion is contingent upon auditions. These auditions are two days long and require potential team members to showcase their dance abilities by memorizing routines and performing technical... Continue Reading →

Hangin’ With Hooter

A Conversation With Temple's Most Famous Owl Not Named Stella Temple’s resident mascot, Hooter, is the epitome of a school spirit prodigy. Standing at five and a half feet tall, the furry owl spends his days spreading school spirit throughout campus. Although Hooter cannot talk, communicating with him isn’t too difficult. His best friend, Matt... Continue Reading →

Always An Owl

Students reflect on their best college memories Growing up, we were always told to do well in grade school so that we could get into a great college. When the time came, we struggled to make the big decision of what college to go to, but we all had one thing in common: we chose... Continue Reading →

Shooting Hoops and Breaking Records

Women's Basketball Team Achieves Individual Career Highs with Teamwork Tanaya Atkinson and Donnaizha Fountain each reached career highs during the 2016 women’s basketball season. Though they set individual records, both attribute this success to other players of the team. Atkinson credits the help of her team to her personal success this season. With that mindset,... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Mold

Three New Players Prepare to Lead the Team In college athletics, juniors and seniors typically play the most and are asked to set a good example for the younger athletes. However, sometimes a freshman breaks through and makes an immediate impact on the team. In the case of the 2015-2016 men’s basketball team, three freshmen... Continue Reading →

A Cappella

You may have seen flyers around campus advertising shows from organizations such as Broad Street Line, Low Key, Jewkebox, Singchronize, Owlcappella or Pitch, Please. You acknowledge the catchiness of these student org names, but have no idea what they do. A cappella is a very unique style of music that involves only voices and no... Continue Reading →

PHETE Club Hosts Jump for Heart

The PHETE club, a group of health and physical education majors at Temple, looks to make a difference on campus by promoting healthy lifestyles through physical fitness. PHETE (Physical and Health Education Teacher Education) is determined to inform students about fitness and health education. Therefore, it is involved in many different events that help promote... Continue Reading →

Block Leaders

Temple Students Breaking The Barrier The divide between Temple students and members of the surrounding community has been present for decades. The issue was thrown into national spotlight in March 2014 when a resident of North Philadelphia hit a Temple student in the face with a brick not far off Temple’s campus. Four non-Temple students... Continue Reading →

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