Since 1924, the Templar Annual Yearbook has been rapidly growing; more students, more photographs, and more memories. Student staff members dedicate countless hours discovering unique angles to Temple’s most exciting events and people through it’s five primary sections; Student Life, Academics, Sports, People, Greek life and Organizations.

Our staff searches for the people and stories that are most unique to Temple University, a campus unlike any other.



Gail Vivar
Editor-in-Chief, Junior

Gail Vivar is a junior studying journalism at Temple University. She is currently working for The FADER as their Saturday Social Media Editor, is the Editor-In-Chief of Templar Yearbook, and editor of The Tab Temple. When she’s not working, you can find her exploring the city with her friends or even by herself. She loves diners, coffee, Chance the Rapper, and anything about Beyoncé.

Gail grew up in Kearny, NJ which is 15 minutes away from NYC, where her love for the city was born. She loves making everyone around her happy and spending time with her parents on her free time. Gail hopes to work at either a music or fashion magazine in New York City. You can also connect with her on social media:

Twitter: @gailvivar

Instagram: @gailvivar3

Linkedin: Gail Vivar


Alexis Rogers
Managing Editor

Alexis Rogers is a junior journalism major with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in event leadership. Other than her role at Templar, Alexis is also the events coordinator for Her Campus Temple. Alexis has a passion for writing and enjoys writing poetry in her free time. After graduating, she plans to pursue law school.

Alexis grew up in a small town in Whitehall, Pennsylvania and has lived in the same house her entire life. She is a certified Zumba instructor and loves to dance. She has plans to travel as much as possible and write about it along the way.

Twitter: @Arogers523

Instagram: @Arogers523

Linkedin: Alexis Rogers


Carli Showmaker
Marketing Director

Carli Showmaker is currently a junior at Temple University double majoring in Media Studies and Production and Advertising. Carli is very involved in the Temple community, including in organizations such as Temple Update, Templar, the Cherry Crusade, Temple Athletics, Temple-Running Club, and more! Outside of Temple, she spends time volunteering at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and working as videographer throughout the city.

If you’d like to check out some of Carli’s work, you can visit her at her website You can also connect with her on social media:

Twitter: @carlishowmaker

Instagram: @cacacacarli

YouTube: @Carli Showmaker


Yanuara Ramirez
Chief Copy Editor

Yanuara Ramirez is a junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in French. She is the chief copy-editor of Templar and works in the Fox School of Business as a writing tutor. She spends the rest of her time at band practice or hanging out with her friends. Yanuara is an international student from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and she goes back to visit whenever she can. She hopes to work in magazines after she graduates from Temple.

You can contact her at


Chris Linvill

Assistant Copy Editor

Chris Linvill is a senior journalism major at Temple University.  He currently works for the Templar Yearbook and is an intern for MetroKids Magazine. Chris became a fitness enthusiast after high school and also is a huge sports fan. He is a big believer in ‘the Process’ and hopes to see the 76ers in the finals soon.

Chris grew up in Darby, a small suburb right outside of Philly. He always loved sports, and when he got into college he used that as a stepping stone to get into writing. Before transferring to Temple University he worked as the executive editor for the Communitarian, the school newspaper at Delaware County Community College. Chris aspires to be a writer and editor for a sports or fitness magazine sometime in the future.

Instagram – @CJ_Linvill

Twitter – @CJ_Linvill

LinkedIn – Christopher Linvill


Matt Robinson

Art Director

Art Direction is Matt’s passion. He enjoys working with groups and learning everything he can about a given topic.  He is a sophomore and an advertising major in the Lew Klein College of Media and Communications. He’s also an advertising salesman for The Temple News where he helps clients with media planning and account management.

You could contact him from his website here.

Linkedin-1Michelle Severino

Web Director, Senior

 Michelle Severino is a photojournalist. Photography has been her entire life. The stories one can tell through photography are out of this world, and those that inspire her are Mihaela Noroc, creator of The Atlas of Beauty, and Steve McCurry. As a photojournalist, she wants to spend most of her years traveling in different countries of the world and would love to explore the unnoticed beauty in people around the world. She wants to tell stories of those who need a voice and wants to fight for them.

Michelle Severino Photos were featured in Motivos Magazine as an Intern in Summer 2015.  Photos of Michelle Severino were featured in Al Dia News Media Summer 2016.

Linkedin: Michelle Severino Photography

Twitter: @Photo_Mishelle

Facebook: Mishelle Severino

Instagram: mitch__92 OR mishelle_photography

DSC_0082Emily Pentz
Senior Designer

Emily is a senior studying journalism with a focus on magazines and is aiming for a minor in Japanese. Her internship with a creative design agency in Tokyo led her to realize her love for design. After graduation, she hopes to work for a magazine, either writing or designing. She also plans to teach English to students in Japan and eventually move to Tokyo permanently.

Instagram: @pemily_entz

Linkedin: Emily Pentz


Ritapa Neogi
Senior Designer

Ritapa Neogi is a Senior Designer at Templar. She is from Portland, Oregon, and is currently a sophomore majoring in geography & urban studies. Besides working on a design for Templar, Ritapa participates in Temple’s Bhangra team and the school Geology Club, both of which she joined this year. In her free time, Ritapa enjoys making art, philosophizing with a hammer, playing the bass guitar, and reading about jellyfish. Her favorite artist is Jean Michel-Basquiat, and she draws much of her design inspiration from zines and literary journals. 

Natalie Crane

Greek & Orgs Section Editor

Natalie Crane is a junior from Montgomery County and studies journalism and
English at Temple. In addition to being the Greeks and Orgs Section editor for Templar, Natalie is also the senior editor for Temple’s Her Campus chapter. Besides that, most of Natalie’s interests lie within the realm of music and she’s currently serving as the assistant music director for WHIP. When she’s not listening to Spotify for hours on end, she can be found at one of the various concert venues in Philly. She’s also a music blogger for several different outlets as well as a musician herself.
Instagram: @natalie.crane


Abby Muth

Senior Designer, Senior

Abby Muth is a senior studying advertising with an art direction concentration and a minor in art at Temple University. She currently works in the Klein College of Media and Communication’s Office of Marketing and Communications as their graphic design intern. Some of her hobbies outside of design include reading, writing poetry, fashion photography, theater (watching and participating), and listening to music. To get inspired, Abby likes to watch Dead Poets Society, Across the Universe, and La La Land, or lie on the floor and listen to happy sad music. Abby isn’t quite sure what she wants to do after graduation (yikes) but would love to explore her passions in design and theater, and hopefully, find her place in the world along the way.

Twitter: @abbymuth

Instagram: @abbymuth7



Hadiyah Weaver
People Section Editor
Hadiyah Weaver is the People section editor. She was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a sophomore journalism major at Temple. She enjoys writing, laughing and making money. Hadiyah is an avid YouTube and Netflix watcher, and a proud Virgo.

Twitter: @HadiyahAW

Instagram: @HadiyahAW

LinkedIn: Hadiyah Weaver


 Long Nuygen
 Sports Section Editor 
As a journalist, I believe that the article was very enterprising and thoughtful journalism, it was a good read. I glad they included this in the Life Magazine Issued on July 15th, 1937 because when it comes to Newspaper it’s about reading current events that are happening, for example, in a Newspaper you read about politics, education, the elections, immigration, DACA, immigration, Law, business, culture, etc.

LinkedIn: Long Nguyen



Bilin Lin 
Assistant Photo Editor
 Lin is the assistant photo editor in charge of the sports and greek orgs sections. She is from China and came to the US at the age of 17. As a photojournalist, she has worked for the Philadelphia Police Department, Philadelphia Association of Black Journalist  (PABJ), Directors & Boards, Bedminster Land Conservancy, Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication, The Temple News and more. You can also connect with her on social media:
Instagram: @linbilin
Facebook: Lin Bilin


Erin Blewett 

Senior Photographer

Erin is one of Templar’s senior photographers. She is a junior journalism and English dual major. She grew up in Oceanport, New Jersey, right on the shore. Erin is currently interning with SG Book Scouting and has done work in the past with WXPN’s The Key, Philly Views, Temple News and WHIP Radio.  When she’s not working you can find her reading a book at Saxby’s or walking around the city with her camera.

Facebook: Erin Blewett

Instagram: @erinblewett

LinkedIn: Erin Blewett


Nate Harvey
Photo Editor
Nate is a junior media studies and production major at Klein College, originally from York, Pennsylvania. He enjoys film and music and aspires to produce and edit a film, as well as other forms of media, in the near future. In his free time, he creates digital artwork and produces music, while absorbing in creativity from his surroundings. He is inspired by people around him and hopes to make a positive change in the world through his artwork.
You can Contact him at
Travis Sherel
Senior Photographer, Senior
Travis is a senior media and productions student at Klein College. As an avid sports enthusiast, he mostly enjoys technical directing, directing and producing anything that is sports related. Throughout his youth and school years, Travis played on a travel ice hockey team, learning to skate at age three. He is looking to play in a men’s league after college. He has also acquired a great interest in photography and is currently a senior photographer with Templar.

Instagram:@trav1819 @d1fferent_v1ews

Linkedin: Travis Sherel

FaceBook: Travis Sherel

David Block
Senior Reporter

For over 20 years, David Block has worked as a documentary producer/director and a freelance journalist. He has also been legally blind since birth.

As a freelance journalist, he has over 1500 articles published in a variety of publications such as Jazz Journal International, the Jerusalem Post, the London Times, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Runner’s World, Runner’s Gazette, Running Times and dozens of local magazines and newspapers. During his extensive career, he has interviewed high profile athletes, celebrities, government agents, and musicians such as Kobe Bryant, Bill Cosby, Joe Frazier, Larry Hagman, Florence Henderson, Bruce Jenner, Lee Majors, Sarah Palin’s parents – Charles & Sally Heath – David Sanborn, McCoy Tyner, and Grover Washington Jr. He has never shied away from difficult assignments and has never missed a deadline. To date, he has made seven documentaries, many of which have been televised and screened at film festivals. He has won a number of film festival awards.

In April 2016, David Block finished his second year of graduate school at Temple University where he is pursuing his Masters’ Degree in Journalism.                                                                                                                                                                      


 Jensen  Toussaint

Academics Section Editor
 Jensen is a senior journalism student at Klein College. Before transferring to Temple, Jensen attended the Community College of Philadelphia, where he earned his Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. An introvert, you may see him walking around campus alone with his earbuds in, which shows his immense appreciation for music. Jensen is also an avid basketball lover, and is a contributing NBA writer and editor for You can find more of his freelance work in the Opinion Section of The Temple News.         

Facebook: Jensen Toussaint

Twitter: @JensenThaMan

Instagram: jensenthaman

LinkedIn: Jensen T                                        

IMG_0935Heera Ramaswamy 

Owl Pride Ad Accountant

Heera Ramaswamy is currently a senior majoring in biology on the pre-dental track. She is the Owl Pride Ad Accountant for Templar. She is in the process of applying and interviewing for graduate school. She loves learning as much as she can and has taken on the healthcare management minor and Spanish minor as well. In her free time, she loves volunteering for Operation Smile and the Pre-Dental Health Society. On the weekends, she enjoys spending time with her friends, but also watching Netflix and relaxing.

Facebook – Heera Ramaswamy

Instagram – xoheeraox

Snapchat – xoheeraox


Morgan O’Donnell

Social Media Director

Morgan O’Donnell is a senior studying journalism with a minor in political science at Temple University. She currently serves as public relations vice president for her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta (Iota Chi chapter), and is an arts & entertainment staff writer for Her Campus at Temple. She works as a policy database researcher at Temple’s Institute of Public Affairs. Morgan is also involved with Temple Tappers and Hyphen Literary & Art Magazine, and in summer 2017 she was a social media intern at The Mighty in Los Angeles, CA. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, going to concerts, meditating, and making playlists for her friends. After graduation, Morgan hopes to work in magazines or digital media.

Twitter: @magicalmorganx

Facebook: Morgan O’Donnell

Instagram: @magicalmorganx

LinkedIn: Morgan O’Donnell

30453f543d784b1cad4e6aabdcf2a061.jpegLisa Cunningham

Student Life Section Editor

Lisa Cunningham is a sophomore journalism major with a minor in general business at Temple University. She is very involved in many organizations at Temple such as Templar Yearbook, Her Campus, Temple Talk, The Tab, and the Rad Dish Marketing Committee. When she is not writing a new article, attending a meeting, or studying, she enjoys going to concerts, spending time with family and friends, and finding new places to explore in her favorite city, Philadelphia.
Lisa loves music, Dunkin’ Donuts, Blaze Pizza and pop culture and is always talking to someone about the newest episode of her favorite show. Her dream job would be working for E! News, People Magazine, or doing anything related to pop culture.


Twitter: @monaLISAAA11

Facebook: Lisa Cunningham

Instagram: lisaaa1122


Alleh Naqvi

Senior Reporter

Alleh Naqvi is a freshman double major in political science and english with a concentration in creative writing. She is also a current freelancer for the Temple News and is the Graphic Designer and Web Manager for Magneto. When not working, you can find Alleh writing (and reciting) spoken word poetry, rereading Harry Potter and taking long luxurious naps.


Instagram: @allehnaqvi

Facebook: Alleh Naqvi

YouTube: Alleh Naqvi

unnamedAnika Kalra

Senior Reporter

Anika is returning staff member from the Templar staff. She is a computer science and english major from Temple University’s Honors program.