Templar Staff 2022-2023

Editor in Chief-Mackenzie Miller

Art Director-Vivian Li

Senior Designers-Autumn Kitabijan and Nadiyah Thomas

Copy Editor-Stephanie Zajac

Orgs and Clubs Section Editor-Gracelyn Latham

Sports Section Editor-Cayden Steele

People Section Editor-Sarah Allison

Student Life Section Editor-Virginia Bates

Archivist-Anna Durning

Senior Reporters-Abby Banner and Lindsay DiSalvo

Senior Photographers-Cailey Bergan, Olivia Guerra, Tommy Muir, Grace Woolslayer

Photo Editors-Lindsey Dadourian and Matthew McCabe

Social Media and Website-Zack Dean & Layla Wheeler

Freelance Reporters-Hayden Bandel and Jay Matthews

Freelance Photographers-Bruce Claxton