Campus Hotspots

Places Around Campus Students Frequent the Most With spring semester in full swing, both Temple students and Mother Nature are slowly but surely awakening from their winter slumbers. Warmer weather means more students hanging around popular campus areas, or “campus hotspots.” These places never fail to attract Temple students privileged with a bit of free... Continue Reading →

Temple All Around The World

Temple Students Represent Countries All Around the Globe Temple’s diverse student body is just one of many things that make us proud to call ourselves Temple Owls. From the northern coast of California to the southern tip of Italy, Temple is home to students from all across the world. France, China, Korea, Nigeria and Turkey... Continue Reading →

Always An Owl

Students reflect on their best college memories Growing up, we were always told to do well in grade school so that we could get into a great college. When the time came, we struggled to make the big decision of what college to go to, but we all had one thing in common: we chose... Continue Reading →

Block Leaders

Temple Students Breaking The Barrier The divide between Temple students and members of the surrounding community has been present for decades. The issue was thrown into national spotlight in March 2014 when a resident of North Philadelphia hit a Temple student in the face with a brick not far off Temple’s campus. Four non-Temple students... Continue Reading →

HootaThon 2015

HootaThon is a student organization at Temple that raises funds for CHOP, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Each year, hundreds of Temple students, faculty, alumni and CHOP patients come together for multiple fundraising events, ending with an incredible 12-hour dance marathon. Members of HootaThon anxiously awaited this year’s dance marathon, which took place on November... Continue Reading →

Free Food Fun Fridays

WELCOME TO THE STUDENT CENTER- Temple kicks off every weekend with four Fs Owls love to hear: Free Food and Fun Friday. In addition to being a great example of alliteration, Free Food and Fun Friday is an event held in the Howard Gittis Student Center at 10:00 p.m. every — you guessed it —... Continue Reading →

New Spots to Eat Around Campus

TEMPLE EXPANDS CULINARY SELECTION- With a campus as diverse as Temple’s, you are bound to come across some interesting places to eat. Temple boasts almost every cuisine imaginable, from the halal food carts and Chinese food trucks, to the late night hotspot known as U Got Munchies. But for the seasoned Temple foodie, what are... Continue Reading →

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