Zoom Zones

How Temple is creating spaces for Students

Written by Anna Durning, Photographed by Ethan Puth

As students discovered through quarantine, getting work done remotely is hard. There are issues that arise with technology, communication, and a myriad of other issues. Worst of all, people are cooped up in the same space with the same people all day, every day. Now, even though students are living on campus, away from their families and back with their friends, the same issues tend to arise.

As 95% of classes were online, students were cooped up in their apartment or dorm. By doing this, then came the fear of students becoming dangerously unmotivated. As Temple University opened its doors once again, while anticipating the arrival of students new and old,  Zoom zones were created with the students’ best interests in mind!

Located in a number of buildings, such as Mitten Hall, Pearson-McGonigle Hall, and Ritter Hall, Temple has provided students with designated rooms to attend their online classes for the day. Some are designed for personal use and others can be used by groups of people – all of which must be used whilst keeping Temple’s four pillars in mind. This includes wearing a mask, washing their hands, remaining six feet apart, and always monitoring their health.

The rooms are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, unlike the study rooms at Charles Library. Upon arrival, students must scan the QR code on the door of the room so that the administrators can keep track of the number of people who have come and gone,  as well as the spread of the virus if needed.

“I used the Zoom rooms because I didn’t want to attend classes in my dorm. I wouldn’t have been able to focus and I am more motivated when I’m out of the house,” said freshman public relations major, Zack Dean. “I had taken some classes in White Hall’s lounge, but it was so awkward especially when participation was required and there were other people in the lounge at the same time! When using the Zoom zones in Mitten and Wachman Halls I just found them so peaceful and spacious! I guess I was lucky to get an empty room because I was able to get out of an awkward space, I was able to get so much work done, and I found that I was more engaged in class than I had been.”

While attending classes in the Zoom zones, there are a few guidelines that students must follow, as well as some information about the setup. They should inform their professors of where they are in case they need to remain quiet and bring their headphones to respect other students in a class. Students are also advised to charge their laptops and other electronic devices in advance because there aren’t any charging stations available in the facility. There are outlets, but they should keep in mind that others might also be in need of a charging space. In order to open Temple back up, there have been obvious changes made to the ways in which the semester is being carried out.

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