Mia LePage’s Big Dream

A Temple University student and also a dancer for the Philadelphia 76ers, Mia LePage is living out her goal of being a professional dancer.

Everyone dreams big when they’re a little kid. You’re convinced that you’ll be famous, living out all of your 5-year old dreams. Well, Mia LePage, a senior media studies and production major, is currently living out her childhood dreams. After dancing for18 years, and while balancing the workload of a full time student, she is currently in her rookie season for the Philadelphia 76ers dance team. 

“My first dream ever as a kid was to be on the Sixers dance team,” LePage said.

When LePaige was six years old, she joined the Sixers’ Mini Dream Team and danced on it for four years. Before that, she’s always loved to dance, but didn’t know that she could do that as a professional career. However, her experience with the organization opened up her world.

“When I saw the official Sixers team perform, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do with my life,” said LePage. 

After being on the Mini Dream Team for four years, LePage took as many different styles of dance as she could. She also got involved in the competition dance scene. At 16, she joined Creative Reaction Company, a hip hop based professional industry training program. Many of her teammates were Temple students, who introduced her to the campus. 

“I actually never planned on going to college, I was going to move to New York to start my dance career,” explained LePage. 

LePage hated school before starting college, but she fell in love with it as soon as she joined the media studies and production program.

“I’m able to learn things that actually matter to me and can apply it to my dance career,” said LePage. “I really found a new passion for education.”

LePage is learning how to market herself as a dancer, and urges everyone interested in a performing career to follow her path. Learning the business side of the industry, and how to adjust at the last minute, is essential for aspirational dancers. 

“It’s not just about being the dancer, but understanding the whole production process,” said LePage. “The whole industry is bigger than one person, dancing isn’t just about learning the steps.” 

Once in college, LePage wanted to start getting paid for her dancing. Her dream was always to be a 76ers dancer, and she missed the excitement of being on their mini team. She auditioned last year, and is now in the middle of her first season on the team. 

“I missed it, it was such a huge part of my childhood,” LePage said.   

Now, LePage is a full-time Temple student while being a professional dancer for the Philadelphia 76ers. During the day she goes to class, keeping up with all of her assignments, and at night she’s performing in front of 20,000 people. 

“It’s so surreal, I feel like I’m Hannah Montana,” said LePage

Though constantly running around, LePage embraces her hectic schedule. When she’s not in class, she’s rehearsing, and when she’s not doing either, she’s getting her homework done. 

“It’s all about falling in love with a busy lifestyle,” LePage said. 

Reflecting back on her life, LePage is sure little she would be ecstatic knowing where her career has taken her. Her family frequently sends her old pictures of her in an oversized Sixers jersey and dance uniform. It was her biggest dream, and now she’s living it. 

“I used to have all of the girls on the official team’s pictures and signatures on my wall,” said LePage. “So now to be in those shoes, I know that little me would freak out.” 

After graduation, LePage plans on moving to Los Angeles to continue her dance career. She wants to intern at a casting agency to learn more about the business, and then continue to audition. 

“I’m already living my biggest dream, but I want to do more,” LePage said. “I didn’t think what I’m doing now was possible, so I know I keep getting to elevate myself and exceed my own expectations. 

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