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Lauren Haley helped connect the students to the university through her position as a student vlogger for Temple’s YouTube channel.

Written by Lindsay DiSalvo, Photographed by Grace Woolslayer

With social media changing the world so rapidly, Universities often have to get creative when connecting to their student body. Temple found a creative way to tackle this – student vloggers.

Freshman broadcast journalism major, Lauren Haley, is a new owl and one of Temple Universities’ newest additions to their Youtube page.  She is one of Temple’s many student vloggers. “I create content for the University’s Youtube channel to showcase every day my lifestyle and tips and tricks on how to become a Temple Owl,” Haley said.

Before getting to school, Haley saw an open call posted on Temple’s Instagram page.  People interested in the position entered with a sixty-second video on why they should be the next vlogger.

For the most part, Haley has free reign over her content. She chooses to represent things that she loves and how she found them while on campus. She covers content like self-care, favorite spots to hang out, food, and more. 

Lauren Haley is able to create relatable content to reach many different people and have fun while doing it.

“I feel impactful!” Haley said, “I have had many people including prospective students, alumni, and current students reach out to me asking questions about school and such.”

Though this is a new edition, her content’s positive effect has already shown. “It feels good knowing that my videos are sparking interest, and I am always happy to help,” said Haley.

Haley still has three more years left at Temple, but this position has made her even more sure that her future career will involve influencing. She explained, “I really enjoy interacting with people and sharing ideas. With my major being in Broadcasting, I want to continue using my voice to share opinions on topics I love!”

Temple’s youtube channel rivals other universities because of its content. The videos highlight important topics such as cultural diversity, staff members, and most importantly, the things that the students love most.  

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