The Jazz Ensemble

Leading Through Rhythm

When thinking of musical groups at Temple, a talented array comes to mind, including Temple’s Jazz Ensemble.

The Boyer College of Music and Dance produces talented musicians in genres ranging from classical to hip-hop to jazz. The Jazz Ensemble consists of The Jazz Band, Lab Band and Jazz Band Number Three, each of which provide the community with musical stylings and its performers with a sense of professionalism.

“[Our] faculty is world-class so the things you can learn are endless,” said Drew Gaunce, a bass player for the ensemble. “They have all devoted their lives to studying this music, and are very enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with students and making sure students are learning the proper tools they need to excel. Being surrounded by so many unbelievably talented people all day long is very inspirational.”

Gaunce is proud of his position as bass player.

“As a bass player, my role in the Jazz Ensemble is to make everybody feel comfortable. I help supply the groove to the music so people can play whatever they feel,” he said. “The bass is the foundation of the band. Bass is one of the main reasons that people tap their foot and dance to music.”

The ensemble has brought entertainment not only to the campus and community, but also to its members.

“Playing and creating music collectively with others is a very fulfilling creative outlet,” said Josh Lee, a saxaphone player for the ensemble. “Music is teamwork and a way of communicating on a different level other than words. Perfecting music is long and hard work but the end result is very rewarding.”

Lee values his experiences in the ensemble.

“Music has allowed me to express myself in ways that words or writing cannot. Playing with others and actively being on the same wavelength is something that will always make me very happy,” he said.

Students can catch Jazz Ensemble performances at Temple’s Performing Arts Center on Broad Street.

Written by Jenna Faccenda

Photographed by Jademan Baker

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