Temple’s Wind Takeover

Battling Temple's windiest locations.

Every university has its flaws — some have buildings that are too far apart, others serve food that is completely terrible and others have dorm rooms that are the size of a closet. As much as we Owls hate to admit it, even our beloved Temple University has its downsides. No matter what the weather is — rain, snow or shine — battling wind on campus is by far the biggest catch to being a diamond in the rough.

If your route to class involves walking on Broad Street, don’t bother wasting time doing your hair because the wind will probably ruin it. Whether you are trying to avoid getting completely blown over on the terrace and walkways near Morgan Hall, or shielding your face while crossing the ramp between residence halls Johnson & Hardwick and Peabody, one thing is painfully clear: Temple’s wind is a force to be reckoned with.

Students walk through campus near 1940 and Peabody Residence Halls.

“Literally, just avoid them, especially in the winter,” student Jen Kane said.

Student Amanda Drop said the worst spot for her is a tie between Morgan Hall and the ramp between J&H and Peabody.

“Freshman year was horrible walking through the wind tunnel of J&H. It got to the point of being pushed back and broken umbrellas,” she said. “Morgan is bad too because when it’s icy, that ramp gets really slick. I’ve fallen quite a few times.”

Since we are only humans, trying to change the weather is pretty much out of the question. But as students, we can at least try to avoid it — or better yet, battle it. Drop shared how she effectively combats Temple’s wind tunnels.

Students and faculty walk on Polett Walk near Broad Street.

“I wear ponytails and hoodies or hats. Invest in gloves too because the wind against fingers and hands makes for severe wind burn,” she said.

Many students agree that the worst season to face these brutal wind tunnels is the winter. Cold weather, frozen fingers, frozen toes and a fierce wind attacking your face? No, thank you, Mother Nature.

Though Temple is making strides to improve its campus, the wind tunnels are a necessary evil.

Written by Jenna Faccenda

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