Temple Students Study Away in Arcosanti

Klein College of Media and Communication’s first ever Spring break study away program took place this semester in Arcosanti, Arizona.

Twenty-five students, both undergraduate and graduate, participated in the Klein College of Media and Communication’s Arcosanti program over spring break.

The program served to as a means in which students could analyze the relationship between technology and the environment.

From March 9th to the 19th, participants were able to gain three credits for a course titled Media, Ecology & Technology, taught by Temple’s very own Klein College professors Dr. Barry Vacker and Dr. Patrick Murphy.

Since this had been the first time the trip was offered, the group of students were not sure what to expect.

Junior journalism major Caitlyn Heter was hoping for the trip would bring specific outcomes.

“I was expecting an unconventional learning experience in a new place, which I hoped would give me ideas about how to incorporate ecological themes into my day-to-day life,” Heter said.

The concept of “arcology” was created by Paolo Soleri, architect and designer of the Arcosanti community. The idea fuses together concepts of architecture and ecology, allowing Arcosanti residents to make resourceful and mindful decisions regarding the architectural structure of the community as well as their lifestyle in the community.

Students were able to experience this philosophy first-hand in Arcosanti.

Katie Weaver, a freshman journalism and political science major, feels she gained a lot from the experience.

“The trip exceeded my expectations. I could not have imagined the incredible beauty and unique environment that I experienced in Arizona,” Weaver said. “I ended up becoming great friends with almost everyone on the trip; we all bonded and grew close over the course of ten days.”

Rachel DeCresci, a junior media studies and production major, is happy with all that the trip taught her.

“The main thing I gained from this trip was the simple, yet beautiful, Arcosanti way of life. They taught us to treat one another with respect, live simply, and to find beauty in everything,” DeCresci said.

“I would definitely recommend this trip,” said DeCresci. “It provided an eye-opening experience in how much of an impact humans actually have on the world.”


Written and Photographed by Greta Phillips




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