Temple Applications On the Rise

More people than ever are applying to be a Temple owl


Temple University’s increasing number of applicants is being by noticed the Temple Admissions Office.

The amount of Temple hopefuls is increasingly exceeding the number of open freshman, transfer and graduate student places, making Temple a more competitive university each year.

Due to the rising number of applicants, Temple’s admissions office is positive about having a more difficult job at choosing people to attend the school.

“We have been in a fortunate position now that our academic profile has grown and we have attracted more students, internationally and nationally,” said Karin W. Mormando, the director of admissions.

This year’s incoming freshmen class broke the record of having the highest average high school GPA  with a 3.56. The freshmen class is also diverse, consisting of students from students from 65 different countries around the world.

People are not just applying to Temple for its diversity in people and its academic scores.

“Students are choosing Temple for incredible on campus experiences. Our faculty and the opportunities to prepare them for their next stop,” said Mormando.

Some of these experiences include living in the 5th largest city in the country, giving students opportunities with jobs, internships, arts and culture. Additionally, Temple encourages school pride with free game day tickets, student tailgates, pep rallies, Free Food Fun Friday events and many other activities to make students feel involved.

Freshmen student Nico Sottosanti was happy with the way his acceptance and arrival at Temple University turned out. “When I got to Temple, I felt like I was finally blessed with the opportunity and resources to find what make me truly happy in life–both professionally, and personally,” Sottosanti said.

As Temple continues to receive increasing numbers of applications as well as a pool of applicants that is becoming more and more diverse, it is the admissions officers’ difficult job to decide who will be the perfect fit to take advantage of these experiences.

By Claudia Murtha

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