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Temple Students Represent Countries All Around the Globe

Temple’s diverse student body is just one of many things that make us proud to call ourselves Temple Owls. From the northern coast of California to the southern tip of Italy, Temple is home to students from all across the world.

France, China, Korea, Nigeria and Turkey are just a few of the more than 100 countries represented in Temple’s student body.

Our thriving international population, consisting of nearly 1,500 international students, often makes students wonder two things: how did these students from other countries hear about Temple, and why did they choose to come here?

Flags displayed at the Howard Gittis Student Center represent some of the numerous countries Temple students are from.

Students from outside the U.S. choose to come here for a wide variety of reasons, such as our strong academic programs, city environment and affordable prices.

Senior Manuela Tchamou is from Cameroon in Central Africa and grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ghana.

“I heard about Temple through two good friends from my high school that ended up going here,” Tchamou said. “Temple was among the cheapest schools I applied to. It was also the largest, which made me happy because I graduated from a very tiny high school. It was about time for a change of scenery.”

Mariana Lucia Bedon, a sophomore from Trujillo, Peru, attends Temple on a full tennis scholarship. She discovered Temple through a company that matched her with schools that were actively recruiting tennis players.

“I wanted to come here to study because back in Peru, the education system is not as developed,” Bedon said. “In the U.S., I get access to a lot more educational sources.”

Bedon said she was attracted to Temple because of its urban environment. Easy access to the city was also important to her so she didn’t feel “trapped in school all the time.”

Shagun Gupta, a sophomore from Mumbai, India, offers another perspective.

“The Fox School of Business was the perfect match for me because their ratings were going up,” Gupta said.

Temple is proud of its diversity on campus, and continues to attract students from all across the globe.

Written by Mary Salisbury

Photographed by Jademan Baker

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