Studying abroad offered Temple students life-changing opportunities

Imagine having the opportunity to spend an entire semester immersing yourself in a culture completely different from your own; using your education to, not only, broaden your knowledge about your intended field of study, but also the world around you.

One of the best things about attending Temple University is the surplus of experiences and opportunities offered to students, such as on-campus clubs, organizations, athletics, jobs and internships. Temple doesn’t only offer on-campus experiences, though.

Each year, thousands of students from Temple and about 300 other universities around the country participate in Temple’s study abroad program.

Students also have the opportunity to study abroad throughout the year and experience a new city, country and culture. These incredible opportunities provide valuable experiences students simply cannot get anywhere else.

Owls have the opportunity to study almost anywhere around the world, including Rome, Japan, Ireland, England and more. Temple works to create programs that will help students of any major study at their dream destination.

Carolyn Bresnahan, a junior public health major with a Spanish minor, spent the Spring 2017 semester studying in Chile. Bresnahan was happy to improve her Spanish speaking skills while she was there and is “proud to now say that [she] is fluent in Spanish.”

Carolyn Bresnahan in Chile during her Spring semester abroad.

Emilee Williams, a junior communication studies major with a business minor, studied in Rome for six weeks this past summer and said she appreciated all that the city had to offer.

Most students would agree that one of the best parts about studying abroad is the ability to immerse themselves in different cultures. However, beyond just that, studying abroad also allows students to grow individually and learn more about themselves.

“Being immersed in a completely different culture and environment helps you learn about yourself but also teaches you that there is so much more out there than what we see immediately around us,” Williams said.

As with any new experience, studying abroad can also come with some challenges. Adjusting to an entirely new lifestyle and culture requires a huge learning curve. However, these students would still recommend it, as it can serve as a valuable growing opportunity.

“The biggest lesson I learned was to stop putting so much pressure on myself when it comes to new situations,” Bresnahan said. “Once I learned to let go and accept that I would learn [the Spanish language] as I went along, my experience became everything I hoped it would be and more.”

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that offers many lessons one may not be able to learn in a classroom. It allows for personal growth and the building of connections, relationships and friendships that may last a lifetime.

Mike Kaba, a junior media analysis and political science major, studied abroad in London this past summer for five weeks. While studying in London, he also travelled to Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Although he was able to accomplish everything he hoped to do in each country, he felt five weeks just wasn’t enough to fully experience each country. Nonetheless, he enjoyed his trips.

Mike Kaba studied in London for his study abroad.

“It’s an extremely humbling experience to see how small our own little worlds are as you venture out and explore places you’ve never been… it was an extremely enriching experience,” Kaba said, offering that he is already looking forward to visiting London again.

Written by: Monica Mellon

Photos by: Carolyn Bresnahan and Mike Kaba

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