Reflecting on Freshman Year

Freshmen reflect as their first year at Temple University is coming to an end.

Michelle Mateta, an undeclared business major, says that the three words she’d use to describe her freshman year at Temple would be eye-opening, memorable and exciting.

Mateta believes her biggest accomplishment this year has been mastering time management, while the most challenging aspect of this year has been waking up for her 8 a.m. classes as well as dealing with her habit of procrastinating.

Looking back, Mateta wishes she would have focused more during her first semester, but looks forward to enlarging her professional network here at Temple.

Media studies and production major Maxwell Bass feels that the best parts of this year have been those spent doing extracurricular work. “The highlights of my freshman year consisted of being involved with various Temple University Television (TUTV) shows while also adjusting to a college campus,” Bass said.

As a freshman, Bass has already held multiple roles with TUTV. He has worked as a graphic designer for Temple Update and OwlSports Update as well as as producer and director for Update Now, Temple Update’s daily news brief. He feels this to be his biggest accomplishment thus far.

“The most challenging aspect of my freshman year was balancing my time. I was extremely involved with my extracurriculars, which forced me to budget my time wisely in order to complete tasks both in and out of the classroom,” Bass said. “My first year of college is better than I expected it to be. The amount of opportunities and experiences I’ve had will put me on a personal path to success.”

Tor Sante is a freshman social work major. She says that her freshman year at Temple brought her genuine happiness for the first time in a very long time.

Sante says the most challenging aspect of her first year at Temple was managing multiple responsibilities. “Maintaining good grades while working two jobs and still managing to have a social life and help others took effort,” Sante said. “I am looking forward to getting the chance to get involved on campus and in the community.”

Media studies and production major Erin Marie says that the highlight of her freshman year has been working as a social media coordinator and talent producer for TUTV’s entertainment talk show, Temple Talk.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to meet new people and serve in different positions in various clubs and organizations that I join” Marie said.


Written and Photographed by Greta Phillips

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