Philadelphia Favorites

Temple students discuss the best places to go in Philadelphia

Temple University’s location in the city of Philadelphia means that there is often plenty to do outside of Temple’s main campus. Areas off of Temple’s campus are often accessible by subway or walking.

On a diverse campus of more than 30,000 students, students have a variety of different places that they call their favorite Philadelphia locations.

Lila Finley, a freshman biology student at Temple, likes using the ride service Uber to get around Philadelphia.

She enjoys going into the city to go to her favorite store, Forever 21.

“Forever 21 has some of the cheapest prices and the clothes are actually cute. The sales rack is awesome and I actually found a pair of jeans there the other day for just $8,” Finley said.

Josh Block, a freshman engineering student, says his favorite city spot is Rittenhouse Square. He likes going there on warm sunny days and appreciates the fact that it is only a few subway stops away.

“I like people-watching there and a lot of people bring their dogs out. So if you love petting dogs, that’s the best place to go. The scenery is really nice and it’s a chill hangout spot,” Block said.

Tiffany Phan, a freshman marketing student, enjoys going into Chinatown for rolled ice cream. Rolled ice cream is typically made in front of the customer. The end result is ice cream that is rolled up and then served.

“I go to Teassert Bar to get rolled ice cream and it’s always good. It’s like $7, but it’s a large portion of ice cream and you can get as many toppings as you want. The cookies and cream rolled ice cream is definitely my favorite. It honestly makes my day,” Phan said.


Written and photographed by Brittney Coleman

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