Thirsty Thursday, anyone? Nah — Temple students have a better idea, at an earlier day in the week. Things get really exciting Tuesday evenings at Maxi’s Bar and Grill on Liacouras Walk, especially for students and alumni who love to sing.

The hub of Liacouras Walk, Maxi’s Bar and Grill, (commonly referred to as simply Maxi’s), is a restaurant that serves outlandish pizzas. Friendships are often forged and strengthened here over food and drinks.

Every Tuesday night during the school year, Maxi’s holds its extremely popular karaoke night. It is the perfect atmosphere for people over 21 to kick back, hang out with friends and jam out to some of their favorite tunes.

These nights are some of Maxi’s busiest. On any given Tuesday, one can hear anything from Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup” to Hilary Duff’s “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

Karaoke is always entertaining, and everyone supports each other. Nobody cares what you look like or what you sound like — it’s just an outlet for fun.

The karaoke night disc jockey is commonly known as “Karaoke Tom.” He has gotten to know the students pretty well through DJing the event, and even maintains relationships with some of them.

“His name is Tom… Karaoke Tom,” said Temple alum Shelly Paznokas. “I don’t know his real name. To us, it’s just Karaoke Tom.”

People also love going to Maxi’s to hang out with the bartenders, who are also super friendly.

“I love the bartender there. They’re always really helpful and give you good drink recommendations,” said student Cameron Niles.

Maxi’s is one of Temple’s most well-known hotspots and gets quite busy at night. On karaoke nights, an ambitious singer will have to wait a few hours before he or she gets to sing more than one karaoke song. Participation is never dull.

Karaoke at Maxi’s runs from 9:30 p.m. to about 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday nights. Whether an individual is a professional singer or just someone who wants to have fun, this night is made everyone.

written by Lauren Waksman
Photographed by Jademan Baker

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