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All-nighters are common occurrences at Temple, but not all of them have to ne at the tech center. Some of them happen on stage in front of an audience.

Insomnia Theater is an event hosted by Temple twice a semester where students create an entire stage show within a 24-hour period.

“You have 24 hours to write and perform a show, and people can sign up to be an actor, writer, or director,” said senior Kevin Wadee, who has participated in Insomnia Theater since his sophomore year.

Wadee said the writers and directors pick actors based on an audition and write a ten minute play based around those actors. The next day, all participants get together at the bell tower to rehearse. The show is ready by 7 p.m. that night, after costumes and props have been coordinated.

“This was the first organization I joined as a student,” senior Jacynda Purnell said. “It’s very open and welcoming. You don’t need to be a theater major to join.”

Students have used Insomnia Theater as a way to meet others and as a vehicle to get involved on campus. This was especially true for Insomnia Theater President Cara Glatfelter.

“I got involved in Insomnia Theater because I was looking for a way to get involved on campus my freshman year, as I was totally new to Philadelphia and very out of my element,” Glatfelter said. “I saw Insomnia as a way to meet people.”

Insomnia Theater offers a welcoming environment for anyone looking for a creative outlet at Temple.


“I’d recommend Insomnia Theater to any creative person looking for a small time commitment and a low-pressure environment,” Glatfelter said. “Whether you write, direct, act, are a techie, create props or anything else, Insomnia Theater will create a space for you to be involved and have fun with a bunch of other like-minded people.”

Wadee said anyone who participates is able to build connections with students in a variety of majors. Whether you are part of the staff, watch a performance, or do an open mic session, Insomnia Theater is inclusive to everyone.

The shows cover a variety of contemporary themes. In 2014, the group put on a performance based on the popular Netflix series Obscure.

Insomnia Theater offers a one-of-a-kind experience for a diverse crowd of students.

“Since I first joined, it has become even more open and welcoming,” Purnell said. “There is a large diversity of majors. Anyone who is afraid of public speaking should try it. Anyone shy, reserved, or feeling like they have no place on campus should as well.”

written by ben heormann
photographed by lida lech

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