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Temple’s InMotion dance team was started in 2007 as an outlet for girls to continue dancing when they came to Temple.

Membership to InMotion is contingent upon auditions. These auditions are two days long and require potential team members to showcase their dance abilities by memorizing routines and performing technical dance skills.

“On the first day of auditions we learned one contemporary routine and one hip-hop routine,” said sophomore team member Rachel Makar. “If you get called back for the second day you perform the routines again but they need to be perfected. We also learned a jazz combo on the second day.”

Makar wanted to continue her dance education at Temple because she is very passionate about it.

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“I have been dancing for ten years,” Makar said. “I wanted to continue dancing, so I started looking at clubs and organizations available at Temple so I wouldn’t lose the skills that I had.”

President of InMotion Elizabeth Tatti, had been dancing for about 13 years before she came to Temple. Tatti, like many others on the team, did not want to give up on her passion.

There are 27 girls on the dance team this year. For Tatti, choreographing dance routines for the entire team comes with some challenges.

“There are a lot of girls and we all get along really well, sometimes it’s a struggle to get everyone quiet and ready to go, but once we do it’s awesome,” said Tatti, who first made the team as a freshman and has been a devoted member ever since.

Tatti said InMotion attends dance competitions occasionally but tries to stick to smaller performances because of the time commitment that larger competitions would require.

“Since we are only a club team at Temple, many of our girls have busy schedules already without the added practices that more competitions would require,” Tatti said.

For Makar, a second year member of the team, InMotion has been an enjoyable experience because of the love and support the team gives one another. Not to mention, all the girls share the same passion for dance.

“The team is so fun to hang out with,” Makar said. “We do bonding events and hang out, and we always have such a great time together.”

Written by Hannah Mccomsey

Photographed by Daniel Burton Worrell

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