Get In Style With Temple’s Fashion and Business Club

The Fashion and Business club is perfect for students who are trying to get a job in the fashion industry.

Many students at Temple have a unique and fun sense of style—and you might find some of them at a meeting for the Fashion and Business Club.

As its name implies, the organization, which is composed of 60 members, is not just a forum to discuss fashion. It also delves into the business side of the industry, giving students experience and knowledge in the field.

Temple’s Fashion and Business Club began in 2012 and meets every Wednesday in Alter Hall room A745 from 4 to 5pm

“We provide opportunities like internships, jobs, career advice and help students who do want to go into the fashion industry or who are just interested in fashion in general,” president Tyler Manley, a senior marketing major, said.

Since the fashion industry can be competitive, the Fashion and Business Club helps members network. Throughout each semester, the organization hosts on- and off-campus events.

We typically host advice panels, resume critiques, fashion industry talks, pop-up shops through big named companies,” Manley said.

The Fashion and Business club also regularly presents guest speakers, including representatives from the Brand Girls, QVC, Ross, Burlington and L. Priori Jewelry.  

“My favorite part of being in this industry is probably just meeting new people and we get cool opportunities from speakers and their business people,” Manley said. “We have more intimate conversations with each special guest and get to know them better.”

The club is the only fashion based club on campus, “There’s no majors or minors for fashion so it really sets us apart from other clubs,” Taylor Zubousky, the club’s vice president and a junior marketing major, said.

The Fashion and Business club stresses to students that there is a need for business professionals in the fashion industry.

“When people think fashion, they think designers and stylists but no one really thinks of the business aspect of it, ” Theresa Montoni, social media manager and senior communications studies major, said.

There are plenty of perks for joining the club, “Plenty of people have moved onto work for top companies such as Urban, Anthropology, L. Priori Jewelry, Ross, Burlington, and Skai Blue Media to name a few,” Manley said.

The club is a great way for students to learn more about the fashion industry, all while meeting new people who have similar interests to them. It’s open to anyone, no matter their major. “It’s an overall fun way to be interactive on campus,” Manley said. “I like seeing people be successful and build off of this club.”

Written by: Ashley Gale

Photography by: Luiza Alexandria

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