Fall Temperatures, Hot Beverages on Campus

As the temperatures drop, Temple has a variety of places that offer hot beverages to warm you up.


This fall, when it comes to hot beverages, Temple University has a multitude of choices. While students have many different places to choose from, some prefer to stick to their favorites.

Steph Connor, a Temple University sophomore, has already picked her favorite. “I’d say Starbucks [is my favorite],” Connor said. “The caramel macchiato is so good. It’s cool because it’s coffee, but it’s also sugary. It’s a coffee that can do both. I enjoy going to Starbucks for the quality of the drink.”

While some may enjoy the quality Starbucks provides, some students factor in price and convenience when choosing their idea location.

For Matt Bevan, a senior at Temple University, price and convenience are the determining factors. “I would probably go to Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s easier and cheaper than Saxby’s and Starbucks,” Bevan said. “[It] provides essentially the same quality as them.”

Other students also agree that Dunkin’ Donuts’ prices are more budget friendly. Ali Cullen, a sophomore at Temple University, personally prefers Dunkin’ Donuts.“My favorite place is Dunkin’ Donuts,” Cullen said. “I think it’s just cheaper than Starbucks, and also they give you a lot more for cheaper prices.”

There are two Starbucks locations in different areas of campus. The busier of the two franchises is located on the first floor of the TECH Center. The other is inside the Barnes and Noble on the corner of Cecil B. Moore Avenue and Broad Street. The two stores both have sitting areas.  Starbucks sells pastries and cookies and has many different drink and coffee options, as well as seasonal coffees.

The Dunkin’ Donuts on Temple’s main campus is located on Cecil B. Moore Avenue. The coffee shop has areas to sit indoors, as well as tables and chairs outside. Dunkin’ Donuts sells everything from various breakfast sandwiches and donuts to different types of coffee.

Saxby’s is a coffee chain with a location on Temple’s Liacouras Walk.  The location features seating inside with a few tables outside. With one location on campus, Saxby’s has a menu similar to Starbucks. The menu includes pastries and snack foods as well as different types of coffees and beverages.




Written by Katelyn Donahue

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