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Temple commuter students talk about the clubs they participate in on campus

There are a variety of clubs on Temple’s campus that one can get involved with. The hundreds of clubs and organizations on Temple’s campus give students a diverse set of options. Additionally, if a student lives on-campus, club meetings are usually only a short walk away.

For commuter students, it can be harder to stay involved on campus. It can be difficult to attend club meetings and events because of the distance that has to be traveled.

Dez Johnson, a freshman at Temple, is involved in the Badminton Club on campus. She says that being a commuter and while being involved in a club can get tricky.

“I don’t drive yet so when I take public transportation late at night I have to be cautious. It also takes forever to get from point A to point B when I still have homework to do,” Johnson said.  “I still go to this club because I really like the sport and the people there. So I try to work it out anyway.”

Although there are some drawbacks with commuting and being in a club, she does believe that the experience overall is rewarding.

“Since I’m a pretty shy person it helped me make my first few friends at school and since I’m a freshman the other club members even helped me get used to school,” Johnson said. “They [shared] some good places to eat or what teachers are cool to have and stuff like that.”

Jenna Lee, a freshman, is a member of Temple’s Asian Student Association (ASA). She joined during her first semester and has loved it ever since. She is also a member of ASA’s dance team. She finds it difficult at times to be a commuter student and also be in a club on campus, but like Johnson, she loves the organization she is a part of.

“I kind of can’t see my life right now and not be in ASA. Sometimes it can get really difficult juggling everything, but ASA is a home away from home for me and a place where I can really be myself. I also love all the people I’ve met,” Lee said.


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