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Lindsey Casella Represents Temple On and Off Campus

Senior advertising major and general business minor Lindsey Casella used her creativity to thrive during her four years at Temple.

As a freshman, Casella was eager to become involved in campus life and activities. Now, she is one of the Victoria’s Secret PINK campus representatives at Temple. The reps host Victoria’s Secret PINK parties and events to promote the company’s products to the student body.

Events such as PINKAPALOOZA, a VS PINK in-store shopping event, and a PINK Spring Break Party have been hosted by the Temple PINK reps in the past year. Through creative advertising, Casella plans and carries out large events like these to increase PINK’s merchandise sales.

“Temple is a magnet for students, as well as businesses that want to expand their customer base,” Casella said.

Casella said Joseph Glennon, an assistant professor in the Department of Advertising
in the School of Media and Communication, helped nurture her creativity as a PINK representative. Casella said she enjoys his personal advice and academic insight.

Glennon said Casella has grown intellectually throughout the years he taught her.

“As a sophomore she was eager and curious. Now, she exhibits a level of experienced knowledge,” Glennon said.

According to Glennon, a few years ago Casella asked many questions. Now, two years later, she is well-versed in her field. He asks her opinion on matters “sort of like the roles had reversed,” he said.

“I know all of my professors,” Casella said.  “The family environment lets students
within the School of Media and Communication develop from young, curious freshmen to articulate and creative Temple Made students.”

Casella acquired various internships in social media marketing, media operations and branding throughout her time at Temple. In the summer of 2014, she was a recipient of Keds and Seventeen Magazine’s Brave Life Grant. She was also awarded the second place of honor for the American Advertising Federation’s Pizza Hut Campaign, District 2 in the spring of 2015.

In addition to her duties as a PINK representative, Casella is also an Owl Team Leader. She said she enjoys meeting prospective freshmen and showing them the opportunities available to them at Temple.

Casella said student diversity is a source of creativity both on campus and in the city of Philadelphia.

“Temple is such a big, diverse campus,” Casella said. “It always has an impact.”

Written by Amanda M. Figueroa-Diaz

Photographed by Jademan Baker

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