Best Places to Study on Campus

Best Places to Study on Campus

From indoor to outdoor areas, Temple has some comfortable areas to settle in and open the books.


Sky Lounge in The View


On the 14th floor of The View apartment building is a study area surrounded by windows. The top floor has a clear view of Penn’s Landing as well as Philadelphia’s skyline. The room is spacious and includes several tables and chairs to work on assignments. A lounge with a computer lab is located next door and is equipped with Apple computers and printers.


Starbucks (Temple’s Campus)

The coffee chain has two locations on campus. One is located on the first floor of the TECH Center, making it especially convenient your classes are located in the Science and Education Research (SERC) or Anderson and Gladfelter halls. if  The other Starbucks is located inside the Barnes and Noble on Broad Street. Both locations include multiple sitting areas.

The Tech Center

The TECH Center’s multiple rooms filled with computer workstations make it difficult not to be productive. The computers feature many different types of software- from computer science to video production, the TECH Center’s help station will assist you in finding the software you need. Smaller private rooms (also known as breakout rooms), often used for meetings or group projects, are along the outside of the larger computer labs. Fun fact: the TECH Center even has a recording studios!

Founder’s Garden

Not only is Founder’s Garden Russell Conwell’s final resting place, but it is also home to some of the greenery on campus. This outdoor area has sets of tables and chairs surrounded by plants and trees. Located near Liacouras Walk, the memorial site is an ideal place to study on a bright spring day.

Beury Beach

At Beury Beach, you can enjoy the outdoors while studying. Located in the center of campus next to the Bell Tower, Beury Beach has a large grassy field ideal for studying on warm days. Benches sit along the edges, making it a convenient area for studying in-between classes.




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