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Students reflect on their best college memories

Growing up, we were always told to do well in grade school so that we could get into a great college. When the time came, we struggled to make the big decision of what college to go to, but we all had one thing in common: we chose Temple University.

As an incoming freshman, questions like, “what will I study?” “how will I meet people?” and “will I have a social life?” constantly raced through our brains.

Freshman year seems like just yesterday, but somehow the time has come for the class of 2016 to graduate. Some graduating seniors are looking back at their best memories at Temple.

Besides her degree, the best thing senior Sarah Berg gained at Temple over the past four years is her friends.

“I made lifelong friends in my dorm my freshman year,” said Berg, who lived in Peabody Hall. “I’m adamant about being at their weddings someday.”

Meeting new people did not stop after freshman year for Berg. As a theater major, she was required to complete a contract, where she built even more lasting relationships.

In addition to the lifelong friends she has made, Berg is extremely grateful for taking a course called Gay and Lesbian Lives with Professor Aishah Simmons.

Taking this course made me a more thoughtful human being and taught me how to interpret the world differently,” Berg said. “I now consider myself a revolutionary towards personal identity as a trans-inclusionary antiracist, radically intersectional feminist.”

Senior Benjamin Dodson also values the friends he made at Temple. Before coming to Temple, Dodson was worried about not having time for a social life, but that proved not to be a problem. 

“Getting involved in clubs was a great way to meet interesting people and make friends,” Dodson said. “Joining the Powerlifting club allowed me to get to know a lot of cool people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

While social events and mingling with friends are some of his best memories, academics also had a great impact on Dodson.

Some may hear the term “Club Tech” and expect it to be a venue filled with loud music and dancing, but Dodson and other Owls know better.

“It’s not that kind of party,” Dodson said. “Club Tech is where students go for studying and late night cram sessions.”

These cram sessions sometimes turn into memorable nights with friends.

Dodson has also enjoyed the freedom that Temple offers. Taking classes outside of his major helped broaden his horizons, but if he had to pinpoint one memory as his best, he said it would be applying for graduation.

“I hope the degree is worth it,” he said.

Written by Jacynda Purnell

Illustrated by Amanda Holl

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