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No Injury Can Hold This Athlete Back

Written by Declan Landis As the ball floated toward her, sophomore setter Patrycja Zielinska, a Polish native, was poised as she set the ball for her first collegiate assist last season against Rider, helping Temple win 3-2.  Zielinska felt no nerves in her first game at McGongile Hall as fans cheered her on. For Zielinska, […]

Carnivals, Face Paint, and Ziplines, Oh My!

Temple welcomed students to campus during Welcome Week with the fan favorite TUPALOOZA Written by Gracelyn Latham, Photographed by Grace Woolslayer As students begin to move in and return to campus, there is no better way to greet them than an extravagant event complete with bouncy houses, facepaint, free food, and a zipline. TUPALOOZA concluded […]

Blast From the Past

Temple’s College of Liberal Arts hosts a presentation on the 1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic in Philadelphia Written by Anna Durning In late October, The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) hosted Dr. Hillary Iris Lowe, Abigail Grueber (Ph.D. student at Temple), and Charlie Hersh (Class of 2015, Bachelors in Religion) to present their research on the […]

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