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Unwind the grind

How the Game Room helps the students to unwind regardless of their busy schedule “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is something that we all grew up listening to but looking back, we realize how true it is. While having a hectic class schedule, Temple University has a game room […]

Camp Kesem Director: Jacey Abdalla and Sam Jansen

All the details on the revolutionary duo making strides for children in need. Jacey Abdalla, international business and legal studies double major, discovered Camp Kesem during her freshman year after a friend referred her at Temple Fest, the university’s annual introductory festival, and has been a member ever since. Now in her third year, Abdalla […]

Skateboarding in the Ritter Quad

Temples On-Campus Skateboarding Culture According to section 10-610 of Philadelphia City law’s bill NO. 000147, skateboarding on public property is strictly prohibited. In the early 2000s Philadelphia began to crackdown on skateboarding throughout the city, restricting the activity from being performed on most of the common streets in Philadelphia and barring it from taking place […]

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