Temple Students Study Away in Arcosanti

Klein College of Media and Communication’s first ever Spring break study away program took place this semester in Arcosanti, Arizona. Twenty-five students, both undergraduate and graduate, participated in the Klein College of Media and Communication’s Arcosanti program over spring break. The program served to as a means in which students could analyze the relationship between... Continue Reading →

Temple’s Career Fair

Temple’s career fair helps students build their professional careers   The Career Fair is one of the regular events held by the Temple’s Career Center. It is an avenue for students to jumpstart their career, as it provides them with the opportunity to network with various professionals from a wide array of industries. For some,... Continue Reading →

New Kids on the Block

  Class of 2020 has picked Temple as their new home for several different reasons.   Temple University’s Class of 2020 is the largest and most qualified that the university has ever seen. Approximately 5,100 new faces will be on campus this year, a university record, and these new students are among the more competitive... Continue Reading →

Temple Applications On the Rise

More people than ever are applying to be a Temple owl   Temple University’s increasing number of applicants is being by noticed the Temple Admissions Office. The amount of Temple hopefuls is increasingly exceeding the number of open freshman, transfer and graduate student places, making Temple a more competitive university each year. Due to the... Continue Reading →

Fun GenEd’s on Campus

To many students, hearing the phrase ‘GenEd’ (short for general education courses) brings to mind images of math, English and other standard lectures. However, for students looking to keep their credits interesting, that is not always the case. There are many GenEd courses that mix up the old formula and provide students with a unique... Continue Reading →

Origin of the Owl

“The owl of the night makes the eagle of the day.” So were the words of Temple University’s founder, Russell Conwell. The story of how Temple students became Temple Owls is a long one. Because Temple began as a night school to teach students with limited means, the students were referred to as “night owls.”... Continue Reading →

Center City Campus Renovations

Temple University’s Center City campus introduced a new Barnes & Noble bookstore and Starbucks café, both of which opened gateways to a more diverse crowd and a more beneficial use of space. “It has opened up that corner of our building, which was pretty much like a dead corner,” said Denise Stevenson, a Temple security... Continue Reading →

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