Conversations With an Idol

Questlove, a multi-talented Philadelphian born musician, best known for his band The Roots, came to speak to the students of Temple.

Written by Lindsay DiSalvo

Student conversation is an event set up each year from the Klein College of Media and Communications to honor one outstanding member of the media world. This chosen individual also receives the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media award.

The 2022 title went to Ahmir Thomas, more commonly known as Questlove. He made the perfect recipient of the award, having a hand in many formats of media: music, production, writing, publication and film.

Questlove was born in South Philadelphia to a musical family. He started busking on south street just for the fun of it. Eventually he and his friend Tariq Trotter formed their band The Roots. Now they are the house band that plays in the Jimmy Fallon show. 

Jared Tatz, a sophomore Film major, attended the event to take pictures for Temple news. “I love the Jimmy Fallon show and I also love his movies.” Tatz explained. “He is an inspiration.”

Quest love had been asked to create a documentary using the never before seen footage from the 1969 Harlem African American music festival.

“Why me? I had to stop myself from asking why I deserve to do this.” Questlove said about being asked, “I nearly said no out of the fear of messing it up.”

“He had many insightful things to say,” Tatz said, “My personal favorite was him talking about being his own biggest critic, I can relate a lot to that, and it’s good to know that I’m not alone.”

Many of the students that went to the event weren’t just fans of his, but aspiring musicians or film makers. They looked up to him as an idol. So, many of the questions revolved around his creative inspiration.

“Boredom” Questlove said, “the best way to be creative is to be bored”

“I practice a lot of mindfulness now…if you sit with yourself for 20 seconds in complete silence, sometimes silence is the best way to find creativity too.” said Questlove.

When asked what was next, Questlove had an interesting response, “I’m taking a rest from work right now, I found through the pandemic that I heal myself the most when I have the time off to think. I don’t need to prove myself anymore.”

“I love him more now, he seemed really down to Earth.” said Tatz.

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