Carnivals, Face Paint, and Ziplines, Oh My!

Temple welcomed students to campus during Welcome Week with the fan favorite TUPALOOZA

Written by Gracelyn Latham, Photographed by Grace Woolslayer

As students begin to move in and return to campus, there is no better way to greet them than an extravagant event complete with bouncy houses, facepaint, free food, and a zipline. TUPALOOZA concluded the first week of the traditional Weeks of Welcome.  It allowed new and returning students to adjust to campus life while setting up fun-filled events to start the semester.

TUPALOOZA provided an opportunity for freshmen to socialize with other new students while enjoying a variety of activities. While this event was targeted toward new students, students of all years were able to enjoy the festivities at the Bell Tower. Face painting tents lined the block, circling the huge obstacle course bouncy house in the center of the fun.

“I chose to go to the TUPALOOZA because I wanted to meet more Temple students, and I just love carnivals! The TUPALOOZA was the best of both worlds,” said freshman art education major Paige Cunningham.

This event brought aspects of a carnival while creating a space where new students could familiarize themselves with their new home.

“The TUPALOOZA helped me feel more acclimated to campus because it allowed me to walk around and get to know where I was going a little better. I felt less anxious about starting the semester after going because of how friendly everyone was!” said Cunningham. 

Being new at school can be intimidating. TUPALOOZA helped students feel comfortable in their surroundings. While the lines to each attraction were quite long, it gave the students a chance to meet the people next to them. The zipline, possibly the most popular appeal of the event, had the longest line of the night.

“While in line, I met a couple of really awesome friends,” said Jackie Erfle, a freshman 

communications major. “The wait was long but it felt like nothing because we had a fun time getting to know each other. The lines waiting actually helped me meet the most people! The entirety of Welcome Week allowed me to get used to the Temple atmosphere, which lessened some worries for me about the semester.”

The TUPALOOZA was extremely popular among both new and returning students at Temple, and allowed for a smooth transition for the upcoming fall semester!

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