Experiencing Temple

Owl Ambassadors offer the inside scoop on Experience Temple Days


Temple University is becoming a more selective university each year. Submitting nearly 37,000 applications, the class of 2021 is maintaining Temple’s annual record-breaking number of applications.

Owl Ambassadors have a busy schedule ahead of them, showing themselves as the face of Temple University to prospective students and parents during Experience Temple Days.

Junior theater major Kristina Del Mar describes the responsibilities of being an Owl Ambassador as “the driving force behind the success of every Experience Temple Day.”

Del Mar believes that interacting with prospective students on Experience Temple Days is one of the most crucial moments throughout each of these days.

Whether it is to ease someone’s anxiety about college life or sharing someone’s enthusiasm, each interaction is precious,” said Del Mar. “Certain things we say will really resonate with people, and I think that is the best part of my job.”

Del Mar feels students take these days seriously, as they’re looking for an answer to whether Temple is the right school for them.

Sophomore electrical engineering major Andrea Poosikian is a member of the Honors Ambassadors and Transitions Team. Her job involves working with prospective honors students on Experience Temple Days.

“There are a few different classifications of perspectives that we see throughout the day: the people who have essentially committed already but want to make sure that they are making the right decision, the people who are really conflicted and are looking for that “aha” moment, and the people who have just begun searching and a have no idea where they want to go,” Poosikian said.

“Throughout the day, the nervousness transforms into excitement,” Poosikian said. “They also become very eager to see the 1300 residence hall, which houses the honors living learning community.”

Junior media studies and production major and fellow Honors Ambassador Rebecca Rosenblatt says her favorite part is talking to families that aren’t yet fully convinced by Temple. “I love trying to win them over, either with safety facts, perks of the Honors program, or just expressing my love for Temple,” Rosenblatt said.

As these busy days come to an end, Del Mar feels that the spirit of Experience Temple Days is always reflected on campus. “Temple pride is strong, and campus certainly reflects that on Experience Temple Days. The true Temple spirit is being passed down to a new class of students, and being able to witness that firsthand is truly a rewarding and remarkable experience,” Del Mar said.



Written and Photographed by Greta Phillips


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