InMotion Dance Team

Move and groove with InMotion Temple’s InMotion dance team was started in 2007 as an outlet for girls to continue dancing when they came to Temple. Membership to InMotion is contingent upon auditions. These auditions are two days long and require potential team members to showcase their dance abilities by memorizing routines and performing technical dance skills. “On the first day of auditions we learned … Continue reading InMotion Dance Team

Temple Student Government

Leading a Nationally Growing Campus “Serve. Unite. Build.” Temple Student Government’s slogan embodies the spirit behind its members who represent Temple’s student body every day. As the university’s rankings rise, Student Body President Ryan Rinaldi said TSG’s role in the university is now more important than ever. “This has been a historic year,” Rinaldi said. “Our football team’s victory over Penn State and our academics … Continue reading Temple Student Government

Hangin’ With Hooter

A Conversation With Temple’s Most Famous Owl Not Named Stella Temple’s resident mascot, Hooter, is the epitome of a school spirit prodigy. Standing at five and a half feet tall, the furry owl spends his days spreading school spirit throughout campus. Although Hooter cannot talk, communicating with him isn’t too difficult. His best friend, Matt Martino, transcribes everything he says. Often seen traversing campus on … Continue reading Hangin’ With Hooter

Fun GenEd’s on Campus

To many students, hearing the phrase ‘GenEd’ (short for general education courses) brings to mind images of math, English and other standard lectures. However, for students looking to keep their credits interesting, that is not always the case. There are many GenEd courses that mix up the old formula and provide students with a unique and enriching experience. One such class is Philadelphia Dance Experience, … Continue reading Fun GenEd’s on Campus

Temple Alumni Give Back to the University as Professors

With over 308,000 Temple alumni, these former students can be found pursuing careers all across the United States. There are a certain few, though, that chose to return to their alma mater — not for a homecoming football game, or to make a speech, but to teach. Some of these alumni have even become professors in the same colleges they earned their degrees from. For … Continue reading Temple Alumni Give Back to the University as Professors

Center City Campus Renovations

Temple University’s Center City campus introduced a new Barnes & Noble bookstore and Starbucks café, both of which opened gateways to a more diverse crowd and a more beneficial use of space. “It has opened up that corner of our building, which was pretty much like a dead corner,” said Denise Stevenson, a Temple security guard for Allied Barton. It has really brightened up that … Continue reading Center City Campus Renovations

Fallen Buildings

“Barton Hall, you’ve been good to Temple and CST. Now it’s time to say goodbye.” Sounds morbid, doesn’t it? That’s what Temple’s College of Science and Technology posted on Facebook on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, with a photo of the nearly demolished Barton Hall in an accompanying photo. Have you ever seen the movie Divergent? The Scorch Trials? The Hunger Games? Barton Hall, in the … Continue reading Fallen Buildings

Living and Learning

In a Living Learning Community, or LLC, a student shares a living space with fellow students in his or her major or school as a way to encourage stronger relationships among people with common interests. “You can either have a thematic or an academic LLC,” said Cassie Stanford, peer mentor for the Media and Communications LLC. “It creates a community for like-minded students who live … Continue reading Living and Learning