Homecoming 2015

Temple’s 2015 homecoming weekend continued its yearly growth with new events and activities held throughout the week for both students and alumni. In addition to the annual homecoming pageant, there was also a golf cart parade, a pep rally and a tailgate prior to the big game against Tulane University.

For many Owls, the tailgate and football game were the main attractions for homecoming weekend. Junior Justin Thomas, a member of the Cherry Crusade, said the homecoming game felt “special” compared to previous years.

“The game was definitely more lively than regular home games,” Thomas said.

Sophomore Marlon Bailey also described the game and tailgate as extremely enjoyable.

“This was my first time attending a tailgate,” Bailey said. “It was fun to see everybody come out before the game and show support for Temple.”

The Owls’ win over Tulane intensified the spirited atmosphere. Temple football entered the game boasting an undefeated record, inspiring students and alumni to come out and show pride for their school.

“Even though I love my school regardless, I want to see them win and move up in the rankings,” Bailey said. “I think less students attended last year’s homecoming because the team wasn’t as good.”

“The team’s success definitely had an impact on homecoming,” Thomas added. 
“A lot more people showed up than I thought would for a game against Tulane.”

With a victory of 49 to 10 over Tulane, homecoming was definitely a success on the field for the Temple Owls. Freshman Ryan Frascella thinks the Owls’ momentum on the field will hopefully have an impact on student interest throughout the season.

“When we’re winning, naturally, more students will want to come out and see the games,” Frascella said.

Others agreed.

“The fans were more involved at this game than any I’d ever been to,” Bailey said.
“It was a lot of fun. I think the football team will start to earn a better reputation if more games have atmospheres like this.”

written by joseph williams
photographed by geneva hefferman

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